Mad Dog Mania
Showcase Tournament

Tournament Rules

An unlimited number of guest players is allowed.

Game Duration
55 minute games; no halftime; teams switch sides at the end of 27 minutes.

A player may be substituted on any stoppage of play with permission from the referee.

Game Results
Tie games will remain ties; no overtime periods or penalty kicks to break ties. Game scores are not recorded. This is a non-standing event.

Home teams are determined by the first team in the bracket. All teams are required to have a dark and light jersey to resolve color conflicts.

Referees are responsible for reporting cards to the Referee Coordinator, including ejections. A player who receives two yellow cards or a red card will not be allowed to play in the next game.

No protests will be allowed. Decisions by referees are final in all cases.

Spectators must sit on the opposite side of the field from the teams. There will be no spectators permitted behind the goals and benches.

ZERO Tolerance Policy
No one, except the players, is to speak to the referee during or after the game. Exceptions: Coaches may ask questions before the game, call for substitutions, point out any emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.

No disputing calls or feedback of any kind during or after games.

Abuse by players, coaches or supporters will result in immediate suspension for the remainder of the tournament.

Field Marshals have the authority and right to remove any unruly or uncivil spectator from the game field perimeter and or the field complex area.

Animals, alcoholic beverages and smoking (except in designated areas) are not permitted.

Inclement Weather
In the case of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to change, cancel or reschedule any game and/or its format.